Vertical Learning- French and Kiswahili

Last week the Year 5 and 7 students had the opportunity to learn together in a joint lesson under a programme called vertical learning. The French and Kiswahili teachers had mixed ability grouping, then merged them to form larger groups comprising of both Kiswahili and French students. Within the groups, the year 5s and 7, taught each other the register used at the shops in buying and selling goods, both in Kiswahili and French. After learning the lines, the different groups did role plays. It was great to see teamwork where group members  reminded each other forgotten phrases.

COBIS Art Competition 2019

''Introduce Yourself"


This year’s Art competition theme is a challenge for students to “Introduce Yourself”. Through a piece of art, students should convey who they are; this could be a self-portrait or a reflection on the things, feelings, and surroundings etc. that make all COBIS students so wonderfully unique.


There are five categories students can enter. 

Early Years and Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Group Entries

EYU Welcome

‘Welcome back’ EYFS to term 2. The children have been running around exploring the classrooms and outdoor areas again this week. It was lovely to see the smiles and hugs of the children reuniting with their friends after their holidays.

The hot weather has not stopped the children enjoying our outdoor area. There has been a line of children to climb up our new climbing area, and to go down the slide near the rabbit area.  The bikes, laboratory, mud, sand and water areas have been busy with many children from different classes playing together.

Happy New Year and Welcome back!

Happy New Year! It is great to see you all again, and your children have all returned to school with a spring in their steps as they catch up with friends and get into the swing of lessons again. We started the week with an assembly encouraging all pupils to ‘have a go’ and to ‘take more shots in 2019’ – inspired by a quote from the Canadian ice hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, who said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Let’s see what happens! Miss Kemp also led a separate assembly with the Secondary pupils about how to reduce any exam anxieties that they may have.

Thank you again for bringing your children back to school ready to learn.



Year 1 Trip to Sambu Farm, Mtwapa

Our trip on Tuesday 27th to Sambu Farm was a big success. The aim of the trip was well met as the children were able to see and interact with animals that they have learnt about this term. Everyone was excited to see different farm animals and identify which class of animals they belonged to, by observing the food they were eating. The brave ones among us were able to milk a cow, play with a calf and hold rabbits, among other animals.  They were also happy to feed the animals and it was a great experience. We also briefly toured the garden and learnt about some of the different plants: the children were able to identify the parts that are edible in different plants.