Beach Clean Up

Thank you to all parents and pupils who turned up for the Beach Clean Up on Saturday.


Year 7 Students

Being new to Secondary school, term seems to have started well for the Year 7 pupils,  they are all enjoying their subjects. Here some some of their views ;

Student 1: “It is fun and enjoyable, but it is also a nice challenge” 

 Student 2: “It is really fun and easy because the teacher explains things really well and always helps us when in need.” 

Student 3: “I like school a lot because everything is very educational.” 

Stedent 4: “It is easy because we have a great teachers and I want to learn more and more.” 

Student 5: “I found learning fun, great and challenging so far in Year 7. The teacher makes the lessons very enjoyable. Science is very interesting.” 

Student 6: “Science is the second best subject I have. I like the homework and the teachers is friendly.” 

6th Form Students 'Work Togethor'

Members of the 6th form are allowed to come to school dressed in smart - casual clothes as opposed to wearing the usual school uniform. This is actually a good way of preparing us for the formal dress code we will have to get used to in the near future when we join the work environment and the real world out there. 

 It was not exactly a coincidence that we were all dressed in black. It was actually part of a well-planned initiative we have put in place in our bid to work together as a fun loving team. We have decided to dress in matching colours at least once a week and as a team, have to agree on the colour to wear. Though making this decision has sometimes been tricky, it has helped us understand the value of compromise and we have ended up getting a better perspective on living life as a team as opposed to believing in ‘self’.

Art at BMIS

BMIS Pupils are eager to explore the use of clay and create very interesting ceramic and sculptural pieces. The A' level students are working on their initial sketches and idea development of their coursework.  More of photography ideas and illustration are going to find their way in the coursework projects with the aim of exploring and developing.