Oshwal MUN Conference

Every year many of our students participate in Model United Nations conferences. These events are simply a role-play of UN meetings and are usually based on the Security Council or General Assembly committees. Participants assume the role of national ambassadors or representatives to debate and seek to solve global issues. Events usually last a week and involve people of all ages from Year 7 to Year 13. Many schools worldwide like ours offer this as an extracurricular activity. It is great fun, giving students the opportunity to meet new people, while also helping them to develop and demonstrate key skills such as public speaking, teamwork and negotiation. It can change their lives, their worldview, their university choices, and their eventual career track.

This year at OAMUN held at Oshwal Academy, Mombasa we had a resounding success as all five of our resolutions were passed unanimously.

This is a credit to our students who worked very hard to write well researched and well written resolutions on various topics for the countries they represented. They also showed excellent debating skills and were able to build confidence and argue their points with conviction. A big thank you to all advisors who were there to help prepare and support our students at the conference.

Great Fire of London

Year 2 loved finishing their topic on The Great Fire of London, by burning the 17th Century style houses they made in their DT lessons.

They certainly got a real idea about how it must have been on that fateful day in 1666.

A big thank you to the parents who came too.

Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our 5 employees of the month: Rose Nduku, Bakari Mwangata,

Florence Nyangacha (not pictured), Hellen Katile and Said Salim (not pictured).