Our Community

At BMIS, we are proud of our international community and the diverse student and parent mix. We have over 23 nationalities and cultures represented within the school, all of whom are always treated with equal opportunity and respect.

Learners within BMIS respect and appreciate the differences between our many cultures, traditions and beliefs through lessons and by  being with each other in school.

It follows that a lot of our parents come from all over the world. For this and numerous other reasons, BMIS has a community ethos, where parents and guardians are encouranged to become part of the 'BMIS family', forging friendships that will hopefully last for many years.

BMIS Coffee and Tea Mornings

All parents and friends are invited on Tuesday and Friday mornings to meet others within the school community and often solve misconceptions and ask questions of senior staff in a friendly environment.


BMIS holds regularly events for the families; we celebrate Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and other traditional festivals. We hold International and Cultural Days, to say nothing of various sporting, musical and charity events throughout the year. 


BMIS produces a weekly newsletter for both the Primary and Secondary school, which keeps you up to date with events and activities throughout the year.  We encourage you to follow our Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube channel and utilise the website for additional information about BMIS.

Moving to a new country, home and school can be a daunting exercise, but as part of our community, BMIS is there to help you make the transition as pleasant and happy as possible, giving you a platform to make friends and your integration into Mombasa life more complete. A happy family situation ensures that BMIS has happy learners, both as parents and students. Welcome to the BMIS experience!

For more details and enquiries on the above information, please contact school office through Sabrina (for both Primary and Secondary) . Email: enquiries.mombasa@braeburn.ac.ke