Our Approach

At Braeburn Mombasa International School we:

  • Provide a British independent school education that combines excellence in teaching, a highly personal approach, a rich learning environment with many opportunities for cultural and sporting activities;
  • A community of cheerful, confident pupils and supportive, well-qualified staff in a fully-accredited school;
  • Nurture a caring and supportive environment which fully acknowledges the value and individual needs of all pupils and staff;
  • Provide an education of the highest quality to maximise academic, physical and artistic potential and future prospects;
  • Build positive and respectful relationships between pupils, parents, staff and the wider community;
  • Promote international and cross-cultural knowledge, interest, awareness and understanding.

Braeburn Mombasa International School is a member of the Braeburn Group of International Schools.

Our Vision

Every student a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen.

Our Mission

Braeburn Schools actively value and celebrate diversity, nurturing personal growth by providing a friendly and supportive environment. Early years, primary and secondary students develop the skills, attitudes and awareness necessary to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Based in East Africa, Braeburn schools are co-educational, offering the British system of education to a multi-national student body of varied academic ability.

Our School Headteachers all understand the ethos that prevails in our schools. They understand it, agree with it and develop it. Most have grown up professionally within it and now work as part of the group management team to ensure the ethos is maintained.

Children chatting