Whats On: Week 12

Monday 20th March

3B assembly

BCSK ICT/Computing inset at Peponi

Primary interhouse Hockey P5&6

Tuesday 21st March

EYFS Baby group 10am-12pm

Secondary interhouse hockey P5&6

Wednesday 22nd March

Year 9 assembly

UKS2 Production (Porridge)

Thursday 23rd March

IGCSE French speaking examinations

UKS2 Production (Porridge)

Senior athletics (field events) at SSA

Friday 24th March

Crèche assembly

Interact visit to Future Hope School

Saturday 25th March

Senior athletics (track events) at SSA

Carpool Area Parking

A polite reminder that you should only park in the carpool area if you are collecting or dropping off 2 or more children in your vehicle.

 Please could you also remind your drivers that the carpool area is only for those drivers who have several children to collect.

Thank you.