BTEC- Business News

Mr. Jensen from the travel and tourism sector, who works for Travelco Nordic made a visit to BMIS. He explained to us how Hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host, and how he initially started out as a tourist guide and since then all his accomplishments and challenges he has faced with certain countries, one being Kenya. He explained to us how the tourism industry as a business and all its interrelated businesses are one of the main economic sectors for Kenyan GDP and due to our niche market with amazingly affordable safaris in comparison to Tanzania which our local tourists can enjoy. Each tourist creates approximately 20 other jobs. 


Kiswahili News

Year 10 Kiswahili students have been learning different topics which include letter writing. In order to spice things up, we revisited a subtopic that we did towards the end of last term; recipes. So in the DT room last Friday we made chapati (flat bread). There is a Kiswahili proverb that says ‘jifya moja haliinjiki chungu’ (one stone cannot support a cooking pot). And so Flo, Salim and Tenisha had to work together, and sure enough the end product was some savoury soft chapati, that they were kind enough to share with their classmates. The ingredients included unga ya ngano (wheat flour), karoti (carrots), mafuta (cooking oil), sukari and chumvi. The students also came across vocabulary like, kanda’ (knead), kikaango (frying pan) and tandaza (spread). Hongera Year 10

Early Years News

What an amazing three weeks of shopping we have had in the Crèche Class. The children had a fantastic time on our shopping trip to Ganshyam Fruits. They helped to make our class shopping list and had an opportunity to buy and pay for their chosen items. This week we also looked at delivery services for our role-play supermarket.

Music News

The Year 8 students have been learning how a range of different timbres can be produced by nonconventional sound sources. They watched some videos of performances by STOMP, a music group that uses objects like brooms, basketballs and other “junk” and “recyclable” objects as percussion instruments. 

This week they have been working on creating rhythm patterns using basketballs. They first learnt how to keep the basic rhythm and then created different ostinato patterns. It was quite tricky maintaining their own part when there was a polyrhythmic section, but all in all, it has been a lot of fun creating music using alternative sound sources.