Thank you from Jumba Turtles

28th June 2022

On behalf of the Jumba Turtle Group, we would like to thank you and the children for all their efforts, enthusiasm and hard work to raise money for our green turtle conservation project at Jumba Ruins beach. Thank you for your generosity.

The money will be put to good use, mainly protecting the mama turtles whilst they are on our beaches here at night. It takes them roughly 20-30 minutes to dig their egg chamber, then another 20 mins to lay their eggs- anywhere between 80 and 180!. Once they have finished, they take another 20 mins to cover the nest, filling it with sand and tamping it down with their back flippers. Then the big mama turtle starts to move forward and begins flipping sand with her front flippers to camouflage where the actual nest is. This can take another good 30 minutes. Finally, she makes her way back to sea, all of this time watched over by Roger, and Runi and Stephen, our patrol guides, who spend the whole night walking up and down,along our stretch of beach, to watch for turtles.

We need guards at night; there is a constant danger of our turtles being poached for their meat and shell, or having their eggs stolen. Every donation helps pay the salaries of our night patrol guards, and thereby keeping our precious turtles totally safe and protected.

(We don’t pay Roger, of course- he does it for love!)

We hope to see some of you at one of our many turtle nest releases soon!