KEY STAGE 4 Overview

10th January 2022

With two weeks to go before the Mock Examinations start, the Y11 students are busy finishing the final details before the examinations. They are looking forward to putting to test what we have learned over the past years as most examinations incorporate knowledge learned over the years spent in high school. It is an important time of the year as this is their last chance to touch up on topics they are unsure of as well as to get an overview of their current grades in preparation for the final IGCSE examinations in May.

Meanwhile our students have started off the term sprucing up their writing skills ahead of the Inter-house Poetry writing Competition. This year, students are invited to write a poem based on the theme 'Looking Ahead'.

Every year, the school chooses to run an internal competition to select entries who will be entered for the 2022 COBIS Poetry writing competition. This is a brilliant opportunity for young writers to compete internationally and showcase their talent.

The categories are:-

Category A: Key Stage 1 & 2

Category B: Key Stage 3

Category C: Key Stage 4 & 5

The inter-house competition winners from each category represent the school in the COBIS Competition 2022.

Key Stage 4 students hoping to win and be entered in Category C, have this week been engaged in learning activities to help them understand the theme, plan, draft and finally write their own poems. For all students in the high school, it has been an exciting time as everyone learnt to take responsibility for their own thoughts and perspective while setting the path for the future in line with the theme ‘Looking Ahead’ .

With this theme in mind, they wrote their poems and everyone was reminded that no matter how hard something seems to be, there is always a way to get around it to make the best out of it.

As the Y11s prepare to sit the Mock Examinations, we wish them all the Best of luck! “Believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

Keep ‘Looking ahead’