Year 6 Reflections

7th July 2022


It has been an amazing experience here in BMIS. I’m really going to miss this place and all of the students and teachers. You will always be in my heart and I'll never forget you. But I'm really looking forward to boarding at my new school.Thankfully, some of my old friends are coming with me!


BMIS was an amazing experience for me. I have been here since Creche and have so many lovely memories of this beautiful, monkey-filled place. That’s all folks! Bye, bye!


Ever since I joined BMIS, I've felt like I found the place where I belong. I remember losing someone who was very important to me but there were so many people who were there for me. I am truly grateful for all of the people who stood by my side, no matter what. A special thanks to Nicole, Ciara, and Renisa for always being there for me, and thank you to all the teachers, I will miss every single one of you and I'll never forget you.


I'm really going to miss Primary- all the younger ones and all the teachers- but I am looking forward to going to Secondary. I’m a bit nervous about the workload but I'm sure all the teachers will be welcoming.


I am really going to miss the playground area because that is where I usually play cricket, but I am looking forward to joining Year 7.


I'm really going to miss all my friends in Primary and those who are leaving but I'm looking forward to making new friends in Secondary.


I am going to miss everyone and all my friends that are not moving with me, and I'm going to miss all the teachers.


I'm going to miss Primary and everyone in Primary, mostly my class and friends who are staying at BMIS, because I might be moving, but I’m looking forward to meeting so many new people and many new teachers. BMIS is a very good school and I'll miss it when I go.


I am going to miss the Primary school and the teachers and all of my friends and the little kids, but I am looking forward to making new friends and meeting new teachers.


I have been in BMIS for over eight years and I am going to miss this school and all the fun things I did here. I will miss all my friends that I am leaving behind and the teachers but memories will never go; they will always remain at BMIS.


I'm going to miss Primary for all the great times I had and making me a better person at school and also preparing me for Secondary this year. I will miss my friends who are leaving the school and my teacher and the little kids, but luckily some of my friends are staying with me and coming to Secondary.

Cambridge International Examinations
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
GL Education Assessment Excellence