Year 3 trip to Robertos

17th November 2023

As part of their exciting exploration of Italy, our Year 3 students had the opportunity to visit Robertos, a local Italian restaurant in Nyali. Dressed in the vibrant colours of the Italian flag, our young adventurers set off for a day filled with cultural learning and culinary fun.

One of the highlights of their trip was the chance to become little pizzaiolos as they crafted their very own pizzas. With guidance from the talented chefs at Robertos, our Year 3s learned the art of making authentic Italian pizza. They discovered the secrets behind creating the perfect pizza dough, selecting the freshest ingredients, and working their magic in a traditional clay oven. The delightful result was a delicious homemade pizza that the children were proud to call their own.

But the adventure didn’t stop at pizza-making! The Year3s with their curiosity in full swing, were eager to continue exploring the flavours of Italy. Their next stop was the world of Italian gelato. The children discovered the art of making this delightful frozen treat, a skill that they found equally fun and delicious.

The trip to Robertos allowed our Year 3s to appreciate the culture and traditions of this beautiful Mediterranean country. It’s wonderful to see them so engaged in their studies and enthusiastic about their adventures. We look forward to more exciting learning opportunities as we continue to nurture their curiosity and broaden their horizons.

Mrs. Pasta

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