Year 1 and 2 Sleepover and Dinner

28th June 2022

Last Friday, our Year 2 students slept at school! Many brought tents and camped within the boarding house compound while others opted to sleep under a solid roof in the boarding house itself - which, given the recent rains, seemed a sensible idea! But thankfully the rains stayed away, our children were impeccably behaved and a wonderful trip was had by all.

On Friday afternoon, our Year 1 students enthusiastically joined their Year 2 counterparts for fun in the pool, a few games of 'Octopus', a nature scaver hunt and finally a pizza dinner, before being picked up at around 7pm. In case the ice-cream dessert wasn’t enough, our Year 2 students then cooked marshmallows on a campfire and sandwiched them between an Oreo biscuit for a delicious second dessert called a S’more. Thoroughly exhausted from a fun-filled afternoon, everyone was fast asleep by 9pm.

The following morning, our Year 2 campers and boarders were awake before the sun had even thought about rising and shortly after breakfast they were spinning, leaping and skipping their way through an obstacle course. Soon after, children were picked up and, although the sleepover was certainly one of the highlights of the year, I’m sure most were happy to return to some home comforts!