Y6 Residential Trip to Savage Wilderness, Sagana

23rd June 2022

What a week! Year 6 have spent the last week up in Sagana, taking part in lots of different adventurous outdoor activities. It has been a week of fun, laughter, fear, adrenaline, energy, courage, fresh air and cold water!

We started off with zip lining over the river, followed by rock climbing up a 7.5m vertical wall, which was truly terrifying! The next day we spent in the pool and then the river- jumping from a high bank into the fast-flowing water, then 2-people boats down the river and over some small rapids. On our final day, we tested our balancing skills on the SUPs and then faced the Tana River white-water rapids with our expert guides. We all, at some point, had to feel the fear and do it anyway; the children showed true courage and teamwork throughout the week and through every adventure.

In addition to all the fantastic activities, we had to pass our room inspections; keeping their rooms clean, tidy and organised was no mean feat but Y6 pulled it off with no problem. The girls eventually pulled into the lead with their spotless accommodation.

Our evenings were spent with Lillian, our very own mind-muddler, who kept us engaged and entertained with her brilliant array of mind puzzles, games and tricks that took us all week to figure out. All our instructors were amazing, and we were very well-looked-after. The food was great but I think we may have come back 1 or 2kg heavier!

Have a look at what our Y6s have got to say about their week away:

Ms. Russell: What a brilliant week! Adventure, fun and exhilaration- what more could we ask for? I loved spending time with the Y6 class, who were brilliant company and impressed me every day with their courage, sense of humour and unfailing support of each other. My favourite part was the white-water rafting and the ‘bum slide’- scary but so much fun!

Leola: Our week at Sagana was amazing! I loved all the activities but the ziplining and white-water rafting most of all.

Laura: Our week at Sagana was incredible. I loved all the activities but my favourites were also ziplining and white-water rafting. I would also like to say thank you to Ms. Russell and Ms. Marylyne for being there with us.

Raahil: Our Sagana trip is one that will be entombed in my memory forever. My favourite activities were duckies, ziplining and white-water rafting.

Alba: Our trip to Sagana was the most exciting trip I have ever been to. If I had to choose my favourite activity, it would have to be the white-water rafting, when we dropped 2m over the rocks in a raft!

Shay: The trip was very fun and exciting. My favourite activities were white-water rafting and duckies.

Arjan: The trip to Savage Wilderness was the best trip I’ve ever had. My favourite activity was the white-water rafting where we went on the ‘bum slide’ over a rapid into a whirlpool which pulled us underwater for a few seconds then we popped out the other side. Lastly, we grabbed a rope, climbed up the rock and did it again!

Tatyana: Our trip to Savage Wilderness was the most fun trip I have ever been on. I can’t choose just one favourite activity but I really liked the white-water rafting, especially the ‘bum slide’ into the whirlpool, and going down the 2m waterfall. I also really enjoyed ziplining. All the instructors were super nice and friendly.

Nicole: Our trip to Sagana was amazing and fun. I can’t choose my favourite activity because I loved all of them.

Denis: The trip was so cool and fun. I wish we could go again! The activities were so much fun and I just want to go back!

Kevin: Our trip to Sagana was the best trip I have ever been on. I really loved the activities and the food.

Peter: The first two days of the trip were fun- we were ziplining and rock climbing. The food was very good. The last two days were OK except I got very cold in the water, but the trip was still good.

Ms. Marylyne: It was the most adventurous trip I have been on. The scenery was breath-taking, the food was finger-licking good and the activities gave me an adrenaline rush. Savage Wilderness has the most amazing trainers and the memories we made with each other will forever be with us to look back on. I am glad I joined the Y6 group, who were so disciplined and the best team players in camp!

Mrs Russell