The Student Voice - Secondary

16th September 2022

At BMIS we value students’ opinions and views. We provide opportunities to give all students a real voice to express themselves and to play key roles within the school.

The student council consists of one representative from each tutor group. These members are selected by the form group to represent their views. The student council meets regularly to discuss students’ concerns, share what is going well and to try to solve problems as they arise. The student council looks for solutions and does not create problems. The student council is led by the Head student who records minutes and then meets with the SLT to feedback issues that have been debated and the solutions that have been proposed. A lot of positive changes have been made as a result of the student council.

Congratulations to Kingdavid, Poul, Ernest, Ciara, Tatyana and Denis who received their badges this week. Well done to all classes for your active participation in electing your class reps.

(Article referenced from the parents and students handbook 2022-2023)

Student council reps.jpeg
Cambridge International Examinations
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
GL Education Assessment Excellence