Students of the Week

23rd March 2024

Congratulations to all these students of the week!

Week 10

Creche Class: For the creche class for their fantastic performance during assembly.

FS1 Class: For all your effort to learn your assembly lines and songs. Well done!

FS2 Class: For their amazing assembly about rainbows. Well done, Busy Bees.

FS2 - Moza: For her enthusiasm and involvement in all her lessons and activities at school.

Year 1 - Iviani: For her commitment to mastering her production lines and really bringing her character to life

Year 2 - Garang: For an outstanding performance in the project exhibition.

Year 3 - Erin: For her brilliant use of imagination and excitement in her adventure story about ‘The Magic School Bus!’

Year 4 - Ishmeer: For his disciplined approach to teamwork. Well done, Ishmeer.

Year 5 - Alenka: For showcasing enhanced dedication to her writing, resulting in the crafting of a remarkable adventure tale that effectively utilised the figurative language she had acquired.

Year 6 - Rens: For his hard work and perseverance using fractions, decimals and percentages in our maths lessons.

Snappy Dressers

  • EYFS - Theo
  • KS1 - Garang
  • KS2 - Mannat

Week 11

Creche - Rafael: For his amazing story recalling skills.

Creche - Alexander: For remembering our assembly and singing it by himself.

FS1 - Erick: For his effort to recognise and trace his name using his name card

FS1 - Aviel: For amazing subitising using the 5 Frame in maths lessons.

FS2 - Moza: For her enthusiasm to learn and being a great friend.

FS2 - Malia: For her great work in guided reading. Well done on reading more fluently and remembering digraphs from level 3.

Year 1 - Shamim: For independently using most of the writing checklist goals in his ‘Magic School Bus’ story this week.

Year 2 Class: For their determination and hard work in their KS1 production.

Year 3 - Joyce - For her consistent effort and hard work in maths. Keep up the good work, Joyce!

Year 4 - Etienne - For his consistent effort in his studies and very active participation in sporting events. Keep it up, Etienne!

Year 5 - Alvin: For his outstanding performance in the reading assessment.

Year 6 - Vyan: For his excellent non-chronological report about sidewinders- you used the model text really well to inspire your own writing about this fascinating, deadly creature.

Hero of the week

  • Joone - For being vigilant about the safety of younger students and preventing an accident from occurring.

Snappy Dressers

  • EYFS - Deena
  • KS1 - Garang
  • KS2 - Alexander
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