Secondary Scrabble Geant

28th June 2022

Students always enjoy a good game of giant Scrabble in French. On Thursday, the Year 9 students displayed amazing skills for this game and really impressed me. They worked independently, used the dictionaries wisely and played strategically by adding to other players’ words to score higher marks. At one point, Rehan managed to create a long word by adding letters one by one, step by step, to the word “age”. He went from “age” to “nage” to “nageur” and then added an “s” to produce the final word: “nageurs”. He managed to write that word vertically and use the “a” and “e” of two other words, therefore linking them together. It was a brilliant move!

The students demonstrated improved understanding and skills on Thursday and I am excited to see what the next game brings in the last week of term.