Secondary Mathematics

16th September 2022

It is another quick-paced start to the term and we have jumped straight in with Number Topics for Key Stage 3. Many of the classes have started with rounding which is vital for giving suitable accuracy and a good way to get everyone thinking again after the long break. We are then continuing with fractions, decimals and percentages, some classes are converting between them and others are calculating with them and ordering them.

This term some students from Year 7 and 8 will also have the opportunity of competing in the IAPS Maths Challenge on 5th October. It is the first in person event since COVID so a very exciting opportunity for the lucky few.

In Key Stage 4 the Year 10 class will be starting their IGCSE Course with the number topics which are reviewed and extended from Key Stage 3. This year in Year 11 we have started with Trigonometry, in particular finding further solutions and Trigonometry for triangles with no right-angle. We will continue the term with an introduction to the derivative functions and finding the turning points of a graph.

Mrs Wood

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