Primary Science Showcase

17th March 2023

Science is a core subject in our curriculum. Fostering a curiosity for the world and developing an enquiring mind are crucial skills for our children to develop. Have a look at the exciting science happening in Primary! Don't forget to ask your children what they have been up to in their science lessons.

Year 1

Our budding Year 1 scientists investigated the properties of various materials.


Year 2

The Year 2s have been exploring what plants need to survive and grow. We did lots of investigations using different seeds, planted a few of these as class plants and used them to make predictions and draw conclusions. We also had fun exploring the school compound, identifying healthy and unhealthy plants.

IMG_20230309_132127 (1).jpg
IMG_20230309_132226 (1).jpg
IMG_20230309_132330 (1).jpg

Year 3

In our plants unit, Y3 had many enjoyable opportunities to take their learning beyond the classroom, to the outdoors, where they did some planting, experimenting, and growing!

IMG_0033 2.jpeg

Year 4

Year 4s are now mini-experts in all matters electricity! We were able to connect simple circuits and also learn lots of facts about electricity.

Electricity 1.jpg
Electricity 3.jpg

Year 5

Year 5 are currently exploring our unit on forces. We have been investigating the different types of forces and their effects.

Year 6

We have just started our unit about light. We began by looking at how a ray of light travels in a straight line and bounces off an object so that we can see it. We created our own educational presentation for children to explain this.

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