KS3 Highlights

9th July 2022

The 2021-2022 academic year has flown by! The third term has been the shortest, with 10 weeks of relentless, nonstop activities and events. We are proud that students took a chance for all these, amidst syllabus coverage.

The Year 7 students welcomed the Year 6 students during the recent Y6-Y7 transition. The Y6 had a positive three-day transition period in week 10. From their own feedback, they had exciting lessons and amazing interactions with the other students in secondary school. They enjoyed the difference in routine from primary to secondary for instance moving from class to class after every lesson, which was refreshing and felt like taking short breaks between lessons. They also enjoyed, very much, the team-building trip to Sai Rock Beach Hotel.

Meanwhile, the Year 7 students took part in several trips including the transition one, and in smaller groups; science fair, young programmers swimming, and sports fixtures.

It was interesting to watch the Year 7 assembly in week 10 where they acknowledged that in the long run, life in secondary school is fantastic. Although they were initially somehow intimidated by the slight changes in routines like homework, and moving from class to class for different subjects, homework, and even exams, the whole bewilderment has now become a norm, and a piece of cake, as Renisa - Y7 put it. They attributed this to teacher support, teamwork/friendship, as well as self-regulation. Also going on the KS3 residential trip in week 3 this term also helped the students bond across the Key stage, reducing ‘anti-social’ behaviors and forming lasting friendships across the kes stage.

I believe that the positive learning environment and good learning resources at BMIS, as well as the numerous in and out-of-class opportunities offered, significantly make our school an all-inclusive and safe environment where every student can reach for the top in their own unique areas. All these opportunities have helped the KS3 students to enjoy school as well as attain positive socio-behavioral outcomes.

I know the Year 9 students are thrilled about moving to Year 10 and embarking on the IGCSE curriculum. We wish them nothing but the best! To Maxwell, Lilly-May, Imani, Idah, Noah, Rehan and Poul: You have been an amazing year group, with minimal behavioural issues, you have truly shown Braeburn Spirit by representing Braeburn in a positive manner. You have stuck together as friends, and classmates, through thick and thin, leaving no one behind! Well done you all! We are absolutely proud of you!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Ms. Simon

KS3 Coordinator