21st June 2021

On World Environmental Day, teachers prepared diverse activities to create awareness and educate students on environmental sustainability while simultaneously removing waste pollution. Not that the students were not aware of the global issues connected to the environment, on the contrary, through the activities and quizzes they showed prowess and mastery in identifying different environmentalists, endangered species, ruined forests and rivers, etc. For English department activities, the students had fun writing/creating/completing poems about preserving our environment, and also coming up with slogans to befit the day. The Y10s extended this further by trying to come up with as many words related to the environment as possible, in scrabble and hangman games. They have now started the End of Year examination and even though many students view this as a stressful period, I believe these ones are braced for it because of the several PSHCE sessions that they have had about stress management and a recent one on revising for exams the S.M.A.R.T way. The exam period is also a good break from class work and homework hence they will be ready to finish the final lap of the year with a punch!

The protection of our environment must be considered a fundamental component to all efforts to eradicate poverty and general improvement of the quality of life.

You are never too young or too old or even too busy to make a difference!

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