COBIS Art Competition (Inter-House Art Competition)

17th November 2023

Theme: A Future To Be Proud Of

I am thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the COBIS art competition, "A Future to Be Proud Of," organised by the Art Department for inter-house competition. This contest aimed to encourage creativity and artistic expression among our secondary students, fostering their imagination and vision of a future worth celebrating. Throughout the competition, I witnessed an incredible display of talent, passion, and thought-provoking ideas from our students. They embraced the theme with enthusiasm and delivered artwork that showcased their unique perspectives on what a promising future entails. It was truly inspiring to see the depth of their imagination and their ability to communicate profound messages through their art.

The art pieces submitted by our students explored various aspects of a future to be proud of, encompassing themes such as sustainability, diversity, technological advancements, social harmony, and personal growth. Each artwork showcased the students' skills, creativity, and dedication, making the judging process a challenging yet enjoyable task. The selected winners are as follows:

Key Stage 3

  1. Aleena Y7, Simba (Overall KS3 COBIS Winner)
  2. Charity Y9, Chui
  3. Nicole Y8, Kifaru
Aleena Y7, Simba (Overall KS3 COBIS Winner).jpg
Aleena, Y7 - Simba (Overall KS3 COBIS Winner)
Charity Y9, Chui.jpg
Charity, Y9 - Chui
Nicole Y8, Kifaru.jpg
Nicole, Y8 - Kifaru

Key Stage 4

  1. Hendrika Y10 Kifaru (Overall KS4 COBIS Winner)
  2. Lilly-May Y11 Simba
  3. Poul Y11, Chui
Kamminga Y10 Kifaru (Overall KS4 COBIS Winner).jpg
Hendrika, Y10 - Kifaru (Overall KS4 COBIS Winner)
Lilly-May Y11 Simba.jpg
Lilly-May, Y11 - Simba
Poul Y11, Chui.jpg
Poul, Y11 - Chui

Lastly, I would like to congratulate all the participants for their outstanding contributions. Each student demonstrated immense courage and artistic growth, and we are incredibly proud of their achievements. The Art Department at BMIS believes that art has the power to inspire change, and we are confident that these young artists will continue to make a positive impact on our shared future. I look forward to showcasing more winning artworks in the future. Be sure to keep an eye out for any announcements, as we celebrate the talent and creativity of our exceptional students.

Once again, thank you to everyone involved in making the "A Future to Be Proud Of" art competition a memorable event. Let us continue to support and nurture the artistic endeavours of our students, fostering a community that values and appreciates the power of creativity.

Ms Mang’oli

Art Teacher

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