A Fire Engine at school

16th September 2022

A Fire Engine at school … yes, you read it right!

This week the Crèche class has been busy with their topic on ‘Fire Engines’. We had very special visitors this morning. The County Government of Mombasa Fire and Rescue Services visited our school this morning to let the crèche children enjoy, explore and learn about fire engines. We loved being firefighters, pretending to drive the fire engine; we heard the siren too and it was exciting to watch the children spraying water on imaginary fire targets.

The whole school took advantage of the visitors and joined the Fire Engine project and thereafter listened to a stimulating talk from the Fire Safety Officer and enjoyed the experience of learning about different causes of fires and how to deal with them. We saw a live demonstration of how water is sprayed to fire targets. I was impressed at some of the Primary children questioning how to deal with a fire situation.

Zawadi asked, “What should we do if the exit itself is on fire?”

This was a real opportunity to make the children become responsible citizens and confident individuals when faced with other safety hazards.

I am sure your children will have lots of stories to tell you about their real-life experience of seeing a fire engine at school. I would like to say a special thank you to Mr Ishak for making it possible for us to have the fire services come to school.

Mrs Zainab Jiwaji


Cambridge International Examinations
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
GL Education Assessment Excellence