Art News

Creative fun crafts club members are working on Wassily Kandinsky art. They were inspired by the bright colours he used. We have used various materials like impasto gel medium and threads to make our creations look authentic.

Secondary Environmental Day Preparation

On Monday 3rd June, BMIS will be running its annual environment day. Secondary students will have the opportunity to learn valuable information from three different speakers and take part in creative activities from 8am to 10am. Activities will include climate change presentations and making mobiles and plant pots out of plastic bottles. In the afternoon (Periods 5 and 6), they will join the primary students to plant trees, make piggy banks using water bottles and bags out of old t-shirts.

 If you have plastic bottles, bottle tops and old t-shirts at home, please bring them to the secondary reception on Monday 3rd June.

 Students should wear their house t-shirt on that day.



Primary Kivukoni Exchange

The year 3 and 4 classes braved the rain for a trip up to Kilifi, where we took part in Football and Netball.

This is the third exchange of the year between the two schools, and as ever lots of fun was had competing against each other and strengthening friendships.

Denis of year 3 had this to say:

‘I love going to Kivukoni, it’s such a cool school! We played Football with our friends and I was talking to some boys that I’ve never seen before. Also, our team won a match in the Football tournament!’

Year 4 sporting veteran Ciara added:

‘Netball was fun, the ball was slippery because it was so wet! My favourite part was the warm-up games where we played rock-paper-scissors with everyone!’

Thank you Denis and Ciara, and thank you to our friends in Kilifi for another fun-filled exchange.

EYU News

We have been learning about farm animals, their babies and the food we get from them. We didn't forget to keep our little hands and feet busy and worked on our fine and gross motor skills.
The children have also enjoyed building their numeracy skills by counting the ducks in our water play area, singing “5 Little Ducks.”
Throughout the week we have made various types of farm animals, paper plate animals, used paint and colour and stuck on printouts of farm animals, as well as making animal masks. We talked about how useful farm animals are and how we get milk from cows, eggs from chickens and wool from sheep.
We decorated our role play area as a farm and the children had lots of fun playing with the farm animals and sorting them from the safari animals. They even decorated some of the animals in the role play area.

BTEC- Business News

Mr. Jensen from the travel and tourism sector, who works for Travelco Nordic made a visit to BMIS. He explained to us how Hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host, and how he initially started out as a tourist guide and since then all his accomplishments and challenges he has faced with certain countries, one being Kenya. He explained to us how the tourism industry as a business and all its interrelated businesses are one of the main economic sectors for Kenyan GDP and due to our niche market with amazingly affordable safaris in comparison to Tanzania which our local tourists can enjoy. Each tourist creates approximately 20 other jobs.