Arts Evening

Arts Evening this term was one of splendid performance and showcase of beautiful artwork. Students participated in different areas of Art such as paintings, 2D sculptures, prints and interactive board games. This was executed by all the Year groups. The performances were amazing and we were impressed by the talent we have in our students.

Primary Inter-House

Braeburn Mombasa’s annual Primary Interhouse Hockey Tournament took place on Wednesday, with a clear favourite in Chui; lucky enough to have 64% of the school’s best Hockey players.

The first games saw Simba 1 face off against Kifaru 1, and Simba 2 go head-to-head with Kifaru 2. Both games ended in 0-0 draws as the PE team realised that they needed to enlarge the shooting circles on both pitches.

Final scores were Kifaru in 3rd with 5 points, Simba in 2nd with 13 points, and our winners were the juggernaut, otherwise known as Chui, with a massive 24 points!

BMIS Car Boot Sale

Friday, May 3rd, 2019 at 2pm. Hall of Nations.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Everyone is welcome - bring friends and family.

Price: 500 Ksh for each table.

Please contact Faith or Rose to reserve a table:

+254 (0) 20 2026156  / +254 (0) 723 846 878

Partner Reading

Year 5 ventured down to Early Years to do some paired reading with FS2.  When we were reading with the children, we made sure they understood the story by asking them different types of questions.  In class we have been learning about Bloom’s Taxonomy and we have been focusing on the first three levels: ‘I remember’, ‘I understand’ and ‘I can apply’.  We have been looking at various children’s books and creating example questions for the three different levels.

When we arrived in Early Years, we were put into pairs and chose a quiet spot to read with our partner.  We made sure we used lots of expressions and we definitely asked plenty of questions.  We had a fantastic time and even had time to play with our partners for five minutes in the end!

Early Years- Stay and Play

Stay and Play was a morning filled with different fun activities that children enjoyed with their parents. The children were proud to show all their work and introduce their favourite activities to their parents.