Year 1 Trip to Sambu Farm, Mtwapa

Our trip on Tuesday 27th to Sambu Farm was a big success. The aim of the trip was well met as the children were able to see and interact with animals that they have learnt about this term. Everyone was excited to see different farm animals and identify which class of animals they belonged to, by observing the food they were eating. The brave ones among us were able to milk a cow, play with a calf and hold rabbits, among other animals.  They were also happy to feed the animals and it was a great experience. We also briefly toured the garden and learnt about some of the different plants: the children were able to identify the parts that are edible in different plants.

FS2 Camping

FS2 have had a busy week turning their learning environment into a campsite! They worked together to create tents, a fire place, a pond and an eating area. There was lots of discussion about what they would need to take with them on their camping trip and what kind of activities they would be able to partake in whilst they were camping. This gave them the opportunity to learn lots of vocabulary and to practise using it in their role play.

Kasarani Athletics Meet 2018

Our team travelled to the capital last weekend, hoping to test themselves against the best of Nairobi athletic talent in the stunning surroundings of Kasarani Stadium.

The success story of the weekend was young Lucy bringing home the GOLD MEDAL in the U15 high jump, a fantastic achievement that brought a tear to the eye of a certain Mr. Barnard, who taught her everything she knows.

Well done to our girls on their excellent performances, they were an absolute credit to the school.