Primary Inter-House Matches

We played in a Round-robin, one inning each team of 18 good balls. The first match was Simba V Kifaru which started with a toss from the captains. Simba batted first scoring 10 rounders; 6 ½ from reaching either 2nd or 4th post, 3 ½ from no balls. 2 players were stamped out. Kifaru managed to score 1 rounder –reaching 4th post and 2 players were stamped out.

The second match was Chui V Simba. Chui batted first after winning the toss. They scooped 1 ½ rounders for reaching either 2nd or 4th post and ½ from obstruction making a total of 2 rounders. Simba scored 11 rounders including obstructions and no balls.

Last match Chui v Kifaru. Chui scored 5 ½ Rounders while Kifaru scored 1. The overall winning team was Simba, Chui came second and Kifaru was third.