Every term at BMIS, teachers share good practice at an In-Service Training. During that time, teachers learn new interactive activities and games they can use in the classroom to stimulate learners, make learning fun and more interesting and help all students become, or continue to be, learners enjoying success. 

One game that I was eager to know more about was Top Trump. I had seen students play it outside the school and wondered how I could integrate it into lessons. The Year 11s were learning about foreign countries so it seemed to be the perfect topic to try this activity out. We chose the categories together and as homework, students had to research the countries they had chosen and create Top Trump cards. They all did really well and learnt a lot of new facts that they will be able to use in their IGCSE work.

The best part was that we got to play at the end of the lesson and students could take pride in having created their own activity from scratch.

Allez, jouons!