Primary Kivukoni Exchange

The year 3 and 4 classes braved the rain for a trip up to Kilifi, where we took part in Football and Netball.

This is the third exchange of the year between the two schools, and as ever lots of fun was had competing against each other and strengthening friendships.

Denis of year 3 had this to say:

‘I love going to Kivukoni, it’s such a cool school! We played Football with our friends and I was talking to some boys that I’ve never seen before. Also, our team won a match in the Football tournament!’

Year 4 sporting veteran Ciara added:

‘Netball was fun, the ball was slippery because it was so wet! My favourite part was the warm-up games where we played rock-paper-scissors with everyone!’

Thank you Denis and Ciara, and thank you to our friends in Kilifi for another fun-filled exchange.