IAPS Young Programmers Competition

BMIS students had a warm welcome from Peponi and the day was very well organised. Our students competed in four different challenges.

  • The Coding Challenge, Scratch for the U11 and HTML for the U13;
  • The 3D Design Challenge, using SketchUp to create a 3D object with precise measurements and dimensions;
  • The Control Systems Challenge, using Arduino to program a sequence of lights on a circuit board;
  • The Logical Programming Challenge, with U11 designing the smart-home of the future, and the U13 designing an interactive service kiosk for a movie theatre.

Some activities, such as Scratch and HTML were familiar to our boys, and others, such as the 3D design and Arduino offered new opportunities for us to learn.

The competition, as always, was tough, however, it was also a lot of fun and a valuable learning experience, and it was a shame that the day had to come to an end. I know our boys enjoyed it (they were singing on the bus, all the way back to Garden Estate).