MSMUN Conference - Nairobi

A delegation from Braeburn Mombasa International School, representing Mexico, has just returned from the long-established and prestigious MSMUN conference in Nairobi. We spent a whole term writing UN-style resolutions, lobbying and debating, and the team was very successful this year. The international nature of the conference matters – delegates certainly learn a lot from reading the meticulously researched background guides and from discussion in committee, but so much of the educational value of this conference comes from meeting hundreds of other young leaders from radically different backgrounds, from all over East Africa. We could not have been more excited to continue the unparalleled level of substantive excellence that EAMUN is renowned for at the 25th annual session.

At the end of the conference, a large number of delegates were given a Commended award after resolutions were read. Most impressively, our delegates Francois Kerampran, Abdul Bagha and Gathoni Darko debated theirs and many other resolutions with intellectual argumentation.

Congratulations to our delegates who clearly did an amazing job as their resolution passed!